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Step into the future with Subscrypts! Your all-access pass on the Ethereum blockchain, revolutionizing the way you engage with everything digital. From binge-worthy streaming services to exclusive blog content, and live gaming action, Subscrypts puts the power in your hands. Create, subscribe, protect, and profit with a click.

Illustration of two stylish individuals confidently walking with shopping bags, symbolizing consumers engaging with the digital market. Set against a simplistic online browser interface backdrop, it represents the modern shopper's journey on the blockchain, as facilitated by Subscrypts’ innovative subscription services.

Alpha Release

This deployment is solely for demonstration and testing purposes. Be aware that this version may undergo unannounced changes and all smart contracts will be halted at the end of this phase. All transactions take place on the Sepolia Ethereum test network, not the main Ethereum network.

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What is Subscrypts?

Blockchain Subscription Services

Subscrypts is revolutionizing subscriptions using blockchain technology. Through your Ethereum account, you can create and subscribe to decentralized services. Integrate seamlessly blockchain-based subscriptions into your services, such as content delivery, streaming, games, and more.

Built on Ethereum Blockchain

Subscrypts leverages the robustness and transparency of Ethereum's blockchain technology to offer a revolutionary subscription model. The use of smart contracts ensures that every subscription and transaction is secure, transparent, and automated. This means a more reliable and trustless environment for both service providers and subscribers.

Empowering Users and Merchants

Subscrypts empowers creators and users by simplifying the process of setting up and managing decentralized subscriptions. Whether you're a content creator looking to monetize your latest video series, or a consumer seeking hassle-free access to your favorite digital content, Subscrypts provides the tools necessary for a streamlined experience. Automatic renewals, secure transactions, and easy access through Ethereum make Subscrypts a versatile solution for modern digital needs.

ERC20 Token: SUBS

Central to the Subscrypts ecosystem is the SUBS token, a dynamic ERC20 token that facilitates efficient subscription payments within the platform. The SUBS token simplifies activations and renewals, acting as a key to a new era of decentralized service consumption. With SUBS, users gain a smooth, incentivized experience that rewards engagement and enhances the accessibility of digital services.

Smart Contract

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How It Works

Understanding Our Ecosystem

An abstract representation of Subscrypts' innovative smart contract and SUBS token system, depicted by interconnected nodes and lines against a futuristic backdrop. This image visually encapsulates Subscrypts' groundbreaking approach to managing subscription services on the Ethereum blockchain, emphasizing its decentralized nature and efficient peer-to-peer model.
Smart Contract & SUBS Token

A pioneering smart contract platform on the Ethereum blockchain is designed to transform how subscription services are managed and experienced. This platform stands out as the first of its kind, offering a peer-to-peer subscription model that operates without a middleman, eliminating the need to freeze funds or place them in escrow. It caters to a broad spectrum of Ethereum users. Through the platform, known as Subscrypts, merchants can effortlessly create and manage subscription plans. Similarly, users can subscribe to a variety of services with ease. The smart contract encompasses comprehensive functionalities, including subscription and subscriber management, payment processing, and advanced authentication capabilities.

Interact Whitepaper ABI
Merchant Plan (Subscriptions)

Subscrypts introduces a customizable subscription feature for merchants. This allows for the specification of key parameters such as frequency, pricing, and currency options (including SUBS, ETH, and USD), leveraging the platform's integration with Chainlink oracles and DEX liquidity pool for precise USD conversions. Transactions are settled in SUBS tokens, with a straightforward fee structure comprising a one-time setup cost and a transaction-based commission.

Designed for easy integration into existing applications through web3 libraries, Subscrypts facilitates a seamless connection with the Ethereum blockchain, enhancing user and merchant engagement through its advanced, yet user-friendly platform. This includes options for processing or on-demand subscription fee collection, optimizing operational efficiency. By fostering a transparent, decentralized environment, Subscrypts not only streamlines the financial aspects of subscription management but also reinforces the security and potential of blockchain technology for the subscription economy.

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A digital entrepreneur sits comfortably on a beanbag chair, engaged in managing subscriptions on a laptop. The laptop screen displays graphs that signify growth, aligning with Subscrypts' innovative blockchain subscription platform. This image symbolizes Subscrypts' merchant plan, where users can specify key parameters for their subscriptions, such as frequency and pricing, using SUBS, ETH, and USD, with the integration of Chainlink oracles for precise conversions. The scene reflects the ease of integrating Subscrypts into existing applications, offering a user-friendly interface for efficient subscription management and reinforcing the security and potential of blockchain technology in the subscription economy

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Two users are interacting with a large, user-friendly graphical interface showcasing profile selections, reflecting the customer-focused features of Subscrypts' subscription service. One user is magnifying a profile, symbolizing the detailed view and management of subscriber information on the blockchain. This visual represents Subscrypts' commitment to providing a simplified and flexible subscription process for customers. It underlines the platform's accessibility for users of varying technical backgrounds and its ability to create a transparent, immutable record of subscription details such as frequency, start and end dates, and pricing on the Ethereum blockchain.
Customers (Subscribers)

Subscrypts simplifies the subscription process for customers by offering distinct methods of interaction: a user-friendly graphical interface developed by Subscrypts or others, and the option for direct engagement with the smart contract for those who prefer a hands-on approach. This ensures accessibility for all users, regardless of their technical expertise, and maintains the platform's commitment to ease of use and flexibility. Upon subscribing to a subscription, a detailed blockchain record is generated, documenting essential information such as the merchant subscription id, subscriber address, frequency, start and end date, pricing and more. This creates a transparent and immutable ledger of transactions, enhancing trust and security between parties

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Payments (Recurring)

Subscrypts utilizes advanced smart contracts for streamlined management of recurring payments, automating transactions with precision. Supporting payments in values based in ETH, USD, and primarily SUBS, it leverages Chainlink oracles and DEX liquidity for real-time conversion to SUBS, ensuring seamless payment settlements. Subscriptions are paid upfront and are recorded on the blockchain, with details such as the last and next payment updated accordingly. For subscriptions with automatic renewals, a built-in task within the smart contract triggers renewal, either through token transfers or manual activation. If a subscriber's balance is insufficient, the subscription becomes inactive, allowing merchants to address these instances as they see fit. Additionally, any changes to payment frequency or amount to the subscription plan by the merchant will disable all related recurring payments as a safeguard, maintaining transparency and security for all users.

Manage Subscription
A customer is depicted making a secure payment through an e-wallet application on a smartphone, emphasizing the seamless and secure transaction capabilities of Subscrypts. The screen shows an amount ready to be paid, symbolizing the Subscrypts platform's support for cryptocurrencies like SUBS, ETH, and USD. The presence of a shield icon with a checkmark signifies the robust security measures in place, mirroring Subscrypts' use of advanced smart contracts to manage and automate recurring payments with precision. This image represents the platform's commitment to seamless payment settlements and the transparent, upfront recording of subscription payments on the blockchain, ensuring a trustworthy and user-friendly experience for managing decentralized subscriptions.

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Three team members collaborate to fit large puzzle pieces together, symbolizing the collaborative and interconnected nature of Subscrypts' organization and governance within the blockchain space. The image metaphorically represents the seamless integration and strong foundation of the Subscrypts platform, where each puzzle piece is a critical component such as development, oversight, and compliance. These elements come together to create a robust structure for Subscrypts, which operates independently on the Ethereum blockchain, providing a decentralized solution that enhances protocol functionality and user experience. The teamwork in the image reflects Subscrypts’ commitment to building a secure, efficient, and trustable subscription service environment.
Organization and Governance

Subscrypts operates independently on the Ethereum blockchain as an immutable smart contract, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Despite its autonomy, Subscrypts introduces a governance layer to enhance protocol functionality and user experience, focusing on trust and safety. This governance encompasses development, oversight, and compliance, including tasks like abuse prevention, crisis management, and merchant verification, funded by fees from merchant subscriptions, commissions, and plan verifications. This structure ensures continuous improvement and secure, compliant operations within the Subscrypts ecosystem.

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