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Merchant Subscriptions

How it Works

What Are Merchant Subscriptions?

"Each 'Merchant Subscriptions' record on the blockchain represents a unique service offered by businesses. By creating a subscription record via the Subscrypts smart contract, businesses can jumpstart their blockchain-based subscription services. This allows Ethereum users to subscribe directly through the platform. Companies can seamlessly integrate Subscrypts Subscriptions into their existing applications, setting up a paywall to limit access to content either through a purchase or a paid subscription. This functionality enables service providers to verify whether an Ethereum account holds an active subscription. Subscribers who are up-to-date on their payments gain exclusive access to premium sections of their service, including special content, features, or members-only areas. This strategy not only enhances the overall user experience but also boosts the value that businesses deliver to their customers.

A man and a woman stand beside a display board that highlights various aspects of a 'PRODUCT', representing the comprehensive features of Subscrypts' Merchant Subscriptions. The board includes icons for communication, analytics, and wireless technology, illustrating the versatile and tech-savvy nature of the Subscrypts platform. This imagery symbolizes the process of businesses creating subscription records on the blockchain using Subscrypts' smart contract. It underscores the ease with which Ethereum users can subscribe to services, and merchants can integrate blockchain-based subscriptions into their offerings, providing access to exclusive content and features. The scene conveys the strategic advantage businesses gain by using Subscrypts to enhance the user experience and add value for customers through secure, decentralized subscription services.

Not Just for Subscriptions!

Whether it’s a one-time subscription fee or simply sending SUBS tokens to another address, Subscrypts has got you covered!

A woman gestures towards a large laptop screen that prominently features a 'CLICK HERE' call-to-action, representing the user-friendly and interactive interface of the Subscrypts subscription platform. The laptop screen symbolizes the ease with which users can navigate the Subscrypts service, embodying the platform's dedication to providing a straightforward and accessible subscription process. The scene highlights Subscrypts' commitment to streamlining the user experience with clear guidance and efficient access to subscription management, catering to customers with varying levels of technical expertise. This image encapsulates the simple yet powerful way Subscrypts uses technology to ensure a secure and transparent blockchain-based subscription service, fostering trust and security between subscribers and service providers.
Why Use Subscrypts Subscriptions?

Subscrypts simplifies the subscription process for customers by offering distinct methods of interaction: a user-friendly graphical interface developed by Subscrypts or others, and the option for direct engagement with the smart contract for those who prefer a hands-on approach. This ensures accessibility for all users, regardless of their technical expertise, and maintains the platform's commitment to ease of use and flexibility. Upon subscribing to a subscription, a detailed blockchain record is generated, documenting essential information such as the merchant subscription id, subscriber address, frequency, start and end date, pricing and more. This creates a transparent and immutable ledger of transactions, enhancing trust and security between parties

Experience Subscrypts in Action!

Dive into our interactive demo and experience the seamless process of subscribing or creating a subscription plan with Subscrypts. See for yourself how effortlessly our platform integrates into web-based subscription models.

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